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Endure the Dark is a grim dungeon crawl system-neutral series for any fantasy RPG. Detailed hand-drawn maps with random tables, to set your adventure, and explore these dungeon maps.

Houses of Old is the third part of the series.

A short selection of small dungeons that can be used for a one-shot  D&D game, or for running a session on your ongoing campaign.

You will receive 5 hand-drawn digital battle maps with a quick system-agnostic adventure starter, that can be used in your favorite virtual tabletop platform or you can print them for a more interactive experience in your RPG campaign.

Also a small guide on how to draw a dungeon map, with many blank pages to make your own maps.

B&W art with sketches and random d6 mini adventure starter with an old-school feel.

5 Dungeon Battle Maps:

  •  Locksmith's House

  •  Haunted House

  •  Old Inn

  •  Merchant's House

  •  Farmer's House

Endure The Dark - Houses of Old (Print)

12,00 €Price
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